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Linux, the free operating system, is known for its stability and
reliability, which allows it to run critical applications continuously
for months, and outperform commercial operating systems. 

The free source code made it possible to port Linux to various platforms,
from palm-computers up to supercomputers and clusters of hundreds of
distributed computers.

With those qualities, it is no surprise that Linux usage grew by 212%
during 1998 (source: IDC), and that it became a threat to mighty

Linux is opening 1999 in a big way - three revolutions are taking place
those days:
Linux has enjoyed impressive growth even before those revolutions took
place. So one is led to wonder where Linux will go this year. There is
no doubt that Linux is the hottest thing today.

Now everybody is smart and knows this. However the most serious ones were
the first who have gone for Linux and announced commitment to this
operating system:  Oracle and Compaq worldwide, and PF1 Systems in Israel.

Those three, together with Israeli Linux Users' Group, are proud to invite
you to participate in the first big Linux event in Israel. The event will
take place, as part of the Internet World exhibition, on Feb 25, 1999,
between the hours 09:00-14:00, hall 1, Ganey-HaTaarucha, Tel-Aviv.


All lectures will be delivered in Hebrew. The event requires pre-registration by means of the attached form.
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