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The Hebrew Support for X Windows & Motif
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Thank you for your interest in our Hebrew Support for X Windows & Motif. This product, which was adopted by many developers in Israel, has become the de-facto standard for Hebrew/Arabic support, and runs on more than 20 UNIX platform types, including all the major ones (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, DEC, DG/UX, SGI-Irix, SVR 4, SCO Open-Desktop, Unixware, etc.). It was adopted by most of the vendors of UNIX workstations in Israel, including E.M. Computing (the Israeli rep of Sun), Silicon Graphics Israel, HP-CMS (the Israeli rep of HP), Team (the Israeli rep of Data-General), SPARC compatibles producers, etc. Among our customers: many software houses and represetatives of leading packages, such as Oracle, Tivoli, UIM/X, ARC/Info, and sites of end users, such as the Israel Electric Company. The product, including its various configurations, is the most widespread UNIX software product in Israel.

This product contains 4 parts:

  1. Hebrew support for Motif: the most important part. A binary compatible to the original Motif library, our libXm (static and dynamic/shared) supports additional features and resources. Among these resources are XmNlayoutDirection (for right to left geometry of the widget instead of left to right in the default mode), and XmNtextMode (which can be set to various values for different algorithms of bidirectional text reordering, i.e., text is saved and displayed in different ordering). These new resources are inherited and supported by most of the widgets. Besides, the old and known XmNstringDirection which was implemented by OSF only for 2 widgets, is fully implemented by the Hebrew libXm. Special treatment is given to the textual widgets (XmText and XmTextField) and they have some additional resources. Switching the language (between English and Hebrew or another language that is required) is supported automatically and with no need for special functions or requests. You don't have to recompile your application in order to enjoy the Hebrew features; You only have to relink it (or even only to replace the shared library by changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable!). Because our library is fully compatible with the original Motif, existing applications (even with no source code!) can enjoy the full capabilities of Hebrew support. One of the optional algorithms for bidirectional text reordering is compatible with the algorithm of Microsoft in its Hebrew support for MS-Windows.
  2. hterm (Hebrew xterm).
  3. Keyboard-Manager: dedicated for non-Motif applications or closed Motif applications (statically linked). This client may be used as a work-around for applications that can not be relinked with our Hebrew Motif library. It gives these applications the ability to input text in Hebrew and/or in a "push-mode" which is required for bidirectionality.
  4. Tools and demos, such as a bidirectional Hebrew editor, etc.

We don't sell this product directly to end-users; instead, we sell the source code with redistribution license to hardware vendors, software vendors, and big sites. In return, they get the full source-code, source license, unlimited redistribution license (no royalties), documentation (both as a hard copy and as a computer file which can be edited), and a full and extensive support.

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