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El-Mar Software Ltd.
A Site of El-Mar Software Ltd.

El-Mar Software, of Kfar-Saba, Israel, is a small but very professional company, which focuses on the issues of software localization and the internals of the X Window System, Motif and Internet. Our expertize in these internals, already helped to build well known Israeli systems, such as the Israeli Aircraft Industries' Hunter (unmanned aerial vehicle, used by the US Army), and Mercury Interactive's XRunner (the leading tool for automated testing of UNIX software).

The main product of El-Mar Software, is the Hebrew Support for X-Windows & Motif, which enables developers and users to use Hebrew under the environment of UNIX workstations. The Hebrew (and Arabic) has unique problems, such as bi-directionality, and we succeeded to solve them optimally, in a product that was accepted extremely well throughout the Israeli UNIX community. This package was adopted by most of the vendors of UNIX workstations in Israel, including HP-CMS (Israeli rep of HP), E.M. Computing (Israeli rep of Sun), Silicon-Graphics Israel, Team (Israeli rep of Data-General and Solaris), Motorola Semi-Conductors, SPARC compatible producers, etc. Among our customers: most of the UNIX software houses in Israel, and sites of end users (e.g. Israel Electric Company). This product, in its various configurations, is the most widespread UNIX software product in Israel.

A new product, Motif/Xplorer/libXtra has capabilities that have been considered as impossible till now. It allows users and developers to take an existing Motif application, even with no source code, and modify it interactively, as in GUI builder. One may change fonts, colors, translate the application from one language to another, debug it, reverse engineer it, and even continue to develop it. We are in touch with leading organizations such as COSE and X Consortium.

Another new area for us is the Internet. Because of some minor difficulties that the bi-directionality causes, most of the Internet providers in Israel chose an easy but limited solution, and they start to face the problems only now. We developed several products which eliminate the limitations of the existing solution, while still supplying it as one of the optional operating modes (Hebrew support for Netscape is the most important example in this category). It is important to mention Cawabanga! (Computer Aided Web Administration; Browsing, And Navigating GAteway), which is an interesting tool that allows HTML authors to build their documents, represent them in various localized ways, and manage them.

El-Mar is well known in the Israeli market for its highly devoted and responsive support to all its customers and for its drive for continuing development of state-of-the-art products.

We cooperate, voluntarilly, with various bodies in the Israeli market in setting standards. This activity includes joining comittees of the Standards Institution of Israel, and professional user groups.

For further information, please contact Eli Marmor of El-Mar, at:

7 Lassal St., Kfar-Saba 44417, Israel

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