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A Site of El-Mar Software Ltd.

El-Mar Software Ltd, of Kfar Saba, Israel, is currently in the Beta stage of a revolutionary tool for X developers, administrators and software localizers, based on original innovations. This tool resolves some crucial issues in the X technology, which could be decisive in the looming X vs. NT controversy.

In order to reap the best benefits from this technology for the X industry as a whole, Xplorer's run time library (libXtra) should be implemented as part of the standard operating-system / X libraries.

Xplorer is basically a GUI manipulating tool, which can work WITH OR WITHOUT SOURCE CODE. It can be thought of as a superset of a combination of the following: "editres", a full GUI builder/modifier, and WCL. It performs "real time" modifications of ANY resource in the GUI hierarchy, thereby allowing unlimited access to the "innards" of an application. This is achieved by two components:

  1. The Xplorer X client, which is the developer's interface.
  2. libXtra which is a slight extension of libXt, and replaces it. This is done by relinking the application, or using LD_LIBRARAY_PATH, or using a tool which can replace a string in the binary file (e.g. a reference to /usr/lib/X11R5/ by another string (e.g. a reference to our /usr/Xtra/lib/
El-Mar Software is known in Israel for its Hebrew and Arabic support for X-Windows and Motif, which was adopted by most of the vendors, including Sun, HP, Silicon- Graphics, and many others. There is no need to recompile applications in order to make them Hebrew, because the additional features and resources were added without any change to the internal data structures of the widget classes and the widget instances.

In addition, distributers of software packages are assisted by El-Mar in localizing their products. Some of them, including distributers of leading UNIX products (such as Oracle, Tivoli, etc.) do not have access to the source code, and Xplorer allows them to localize the software without it. The new `hot' field of our activity is localization of Internet tools, especially WWW browsers and editors (Mosaic, Netscape, WebForce).

In order to have all the 'goodies' detailed in the following page, we hacked some smart tricks into the code. We can not expose them, but we are sure that the features list will be sufficiet for you to be convinced in the revolution which is enabled by our tool.

Highlights of Xplorer Unique Features (Technical Description):

  1. Resources can be permanently changed in existing applications, EVEN IF THEY ARE HARD CODED, but with no change to binary files. For example if in the C code there is:
            XtVaCreateManagedWidget ("close", xmPushButtonWidgetClass, ap,
                                             XmNlabelString, "Close", NULL);
    it can be overriden by the following ".Xvalues.spanish" file:
             ap.close.labelString:    Zerrar

  2. Support for GetValues (current values of resources), even in cases where it was formerly impossible, such as colors, custom types and custom converters, XmRWidget, etc.
  3. Automatic support for subresources (such as XmNfontList of XmText), just as with normal resources.
  4. An appropriate editor is popped-up for every resource type: color, fonts, enums, etc. This feature is user- configurable.
  5. All the current widget-classes become extensible, one may add new resources to them, without changing the data structure of the widget class or the widget instance.
  6. All the existing widget classes are extended with new features, like XmNmanaged, XmNwidgetClass (the class of the widget can be changed), XmNxtraChildren (which can be used to add new children to a widget), etc.
  7. No need for any change in source code (no XtAddEventHandler...), or for recompilation, or for libXmu. There is no collision with "editres", nor with libXmu.
  8. Widget-set independence (automatic support for any widget set, such as libXaw)..
  9. Reverse-engineering of the entire user-interface is possible. However, it is possible to block access to proprietary information.
  10. Save/Load/Restore facility of resource values (excluding callbacks, etc.).

Commecrcial Uses:

  1. Internationalization:
  2. Customization:
  3. Software development tool:
  4. Misc.

For further information please contact Eli Marmor of El-Mar, at:

e-mail (preferable):
FAX: (972)-97-484279
Voice: (972)-97-661020

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