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The Hebrew Support for Netscape - 26.2.97
A Site of El-Mar Software Ltd.

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We are proud to announce the first version of the Hebrew Support for
Netscape Navigator. This is the first in a series of announcements.
Among the features:

 1. Hebrew and English user interfaces (switchable in run-time).
 2. Support for both logical and visual orders!  The end of the
    controversy! (switchable in run-time).
 3. Multi-platform:
    A. Sun's Solaris for SPARC (2.4, 2.5).
    B. Sun's Solaris for x86 (2.4, 2.5).
    C. Silicon-Graphics' Irix (5.3, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4).
    D. HP-UX (9, 10).
    E. DEC-Alpha (soon).
    F. SCO (soon).
 4. Support for both the standard version and the Gold version (3.01).
 5. Support for all of Netscape tools:
    A. HTML
    B. Editing/authoring.
    C. e-mail send and receive.
    D. News send and receive.
    E. Java and JavaScript.
    F. PostScript Printing.
 6. The logical order algorithm is 100% Microsoft compliant!
 7. No plug-ins!
 8. All the variations of Hebrew fonts are supported (scalable Type1):
    A. Normal proportional.
    B. Bold proportional.
    C. Italic (Oblique) proportional.
    D. Bold Italic (Oblique) proportional.
    E. Normal fixed.
    F. Bold fixed.
    G. Oblique fixed.
    H. Bold Oblique fixed.
 9. The Hebrew features are controlled by a special dialog box.

Impossible?  visit
and see for yourself!
By choosing your preferred mode in the table on the top of that page,
you will be able to read the page in English, Visual Hebrew, Logical
Hebrew, and even Hebrew without fonts!  Just click!


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