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Microsoft's Glossary

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This site, contains the complete English-Hebrew Glossary that Microsoft produced for its software localizers. In order to have a standard Hebrew translation for the original English terms, there must be such a glossary; Otherwise, each localizer would choose its own Hebrew words, and the users would be confused and frustrated.

This glossary, contains 5400 terms. Because of its size, it couldn't be placed in one page, so it was splitted according to the first letter of each term. There are some extras, such as the reverse glossary (Hebrew-English) that we derive out of the original glossary, and the search engine which intended to ease the locating of random terms.

The original glossary was written by Microsoft. The conversion to HTML was done by El-Mar Software Ltd., including the Hebrew support and the support of various Hebrew formats. The reverse glossary, was produced by El-Mar too.

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