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El-Mar's Hebrew Fonts
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The fonts used by the Hebrew Support of X-Windows & Motif since 1991.
35 pcf files, 8 Type1 files (1 is similar to the proportional Webfont).
Already adopted by 8 workstation vendors, dozens of software houses, and most of the X users in Israel.

Click here to download the package(648KB)

In the case that your browser tries to display the file on your screen (instead of importing it), hold the Shift key pressed while selecting the file (under Netscape), or tell it to save the document as a source file.

Place H.fonts.tar.Z in an empty directory, and invoke:
   zcat H.fonts.tar.Z | tar xvf -

From a shell that runs under the same CPU as your display, run:
   xset +fp the-directory-where-you-placed-the-fonts
the-directory-where-you-placed-the-fonts should be replaced by the name of the directory where you placed the fonts (see "Installation").
In order to see the list of the Hebrew fonts, use:
   xlsfonts | grep hebrew
In order to show all the simple Hebrew fonts (not including the scalable) in a loop, use (under csh or tcsh):
   foreach i ( `xlsfonts | grep hebrew | grep -v 0-0-` )
   echo $i
   xfd -fn $i

Under some X11R5 implementations, fonts.alias must be replaced by fonts.alias.R5 (try the original fonts.alias before replacing!)

Don't take scriptB24h.pcf to a grapholog! It is not my (Eli Marmor's) normal hand-writing!

Table of the Fonts and Samples of Them:
Click here to get a table of the Hebrew fonts!

© Copyright 1992-7 by Eli Marmor, El-Mar Software Ltd.,, FAX: 09-7484279

Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell these fonts and their documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the copyright notices appear in all copies, and that nothing will be changed in these files without a special permission of Eli Marmor, including the full name of the fonts.

The above permission does not refer in any way to the Hebrew Support of X-Windows & Motif, which is a commercial product of El-Mar Software Ltd. (

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