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README for the Hebrew Netscape

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Welcome to the Hebrew version of Netscape 3.01!
El-Mar Software wishes you successful usage.

© Copyright. All rights for the Hebrew support reserved to Eli Marmor, El-Mar Software Ltd., FAX: 09-7661314, URL:, e-mail:


Copyrights of 3rd Parties

This package does not contain licenses for neither OSF/Motif nor Netscape Navigator. In order to use Netscape Navigator, you must download it from the net (or from its media), and if you are not an educational institution (or a commercial site in its evaluation time), you have also to buy it from Netscape Communications Corp., or from your local reseller (reseller in Israel: PF1 Systems Ltd.).

The bundled stuff of The Open Group (libXm), is not usable, unless there is already a Motif installation on your machine, and even then - it is protected against any usage, except for running Netscape Navigator with it. This was done in order to avoid violation of the copyright. We are not responsible in any way for the results of illegal use!

Installation (including the original Netscape)


  1. Disk space: 20 MB (including the original Netscape and the compressed files mentioned in the following lines).
  2. Files:


  1. Create a new directory, and place the files mentioned above in it.
  2. Enter this directory and run:
    sh Install
    Now, your Hebrew Netscape is installed and ready!


Run the original Netscape (without Hebrew), and ensure that everything is set correctly (including optional proxies, e-mail address, etc.). Then:

Enter the above directory, and run: "./hnetscape",

-- or --
Add the above directory to your PATH and run: "hnetscape",
-- or --
Run hnetscape by specifying its full path (e.g. "/usr/H/Netscape/hnetscape").

If you get a warning, saying that the preferences file could not be modified, and telling you to run the Hebrew Netscape again, then do it.

Now, the Hebrew Netscape should run perfectly. Ensure that "Kidud Missmach" (under the "Efsharuyot" menu) is set to "Central European (Latin-2)", and that the font preferences are correct: Encoding is "Western (iso-8859-1)", proportinal font is "Times (Hebrew)", and fixed font is "Courier (Hebrew)". Both (proportional and fixed) should allow scaling (the toggle buttons must be set).

Note: If you already have a .netscape directory, in the first time you run the Hebrew Netscape, a new directory ($HOME/.hnetscap) will be created, and all the contents of the original directory will be linked into it, except for the preferences file, which will be copied and modified. The separate copy of the preferences file will allow you to use different preferences for Hebrew and English.


Switching the current language (from English to Hebrew and vice versa) is done by <Ctrl><Alt> or <Ctrl><Meta> (pressing <Meta> or <Alt> while <Ctrl> is pressed).

Reversing the main direction of the current input field is done by <Ctrl><Shift>, when the left <Shift> causes the field to be in left to right direction, and the right <Shift> causes the field to be in right to left direction (as in Microsoft Windows).

All the functions that control the state of the Hebrew are placed at the Hebrew dialog box. In order to open this dialog, click at the button "תירבע הכימת" ("Hebrew Support"), which is one of the buttons in the row of the directory buttons. You have 3 radio boxes, one for selection of the language of the interface (including the titles, menus, dialogs, etc.), one for selection of the bi-directionality method (Logical/Implicit or Visual), and one for selection of the main direction (in the case of Logical/Implicit directionality). The defaults of these 3 radio boxes are: Language=Hebrew, Algorithm=Visual, Direction=Left-to-Right. The bidirectionality algorithm used by this software is compatible with the algorithm of Microsoft in its Hebrew support for the MS-Windows. (More about Visual and Logical:

When you are in Visual mode, everything behaves appropriately, and when you are in Logical/Implicit, everything behaves appropriately. That includes the behavior of HTML pages, forms, inputs and searches, internal input of the browser (e.g. Find), e-mail documents (received and composed), news documents (received and composed), etc.

A special case: When composing an e-mail message (or a news message) and the bidirectionality is Visual, if the main direction of the input field is from right to left (by pressing <Ctrl><Right-Shift>), additional blanks will be inserted in the beginning of each line of the message, causing each line that has fewer than 72 characters to be 'aligned' to the right. This is done in order to be compatible with the Hebrew standard (RFC 1555/1556, Israeli Standard 1904.1).

Webfont mode is a mix of Visual and Logical/Implicit, so it is not recommended for use. Unfortunately, most of the Israeli sites use it, so you will have to use it anyway. Under this mode, many properties have Logical/Implicit directionality: input fields, button, lists, titles, etc. The rest (mainly pure HTML text), remains Visual.

Java applets are Logical/Implicit, no matter what is the selected directionality.

It is forbidden to use Hebrew in file names and in titles and headers of messages! (e.g. Subject, To).

Instead of using the directory $HOME/.netscape/, the Hebrew Netscape uses $HOME/.hnetscap/

You can find more help at:, or by clicking at the "הרזע" ("Help") button in the Hebrew dialog box, or by clicking at the "תירבע הכימת" ("Hebrew Support") button in the "הרזע" ("Help") pull-down menu.


Currently, Hebrew printing is not automtic (although future releases are expected to support it automatically). In order to print a document, you have to pop up the print dialog box (as in an English document), and to INSERT the following command BEFORE your original Print Command:

hpr_visual | (your original command)
for a visual directionality document (including the pipeline), or:
hpr_logical | (your original command)
for a logical directionality document. Some documents may appear incorrectly, especially when using a proportional font, because Netscape calculates widths according to the default fonts.

The Hebrew printing is a Beta version, and may be modified heavily in the future.


When you are in Logical/Implicit mode, it is forbidden to hightlight a text in a page (HTML / received e-mail message / received news article). An automatic highlight by the browser (e.g. by using "Find") will highlight the text in a wrong place (but in the correct line).

Because of the same reason, HTML editing (under the Gold version) is forced to be Visual, even when you are in Logical/Implicit mode.

Please send more bugs to

Getting Updates and News

Because of the dramatical development of the Internet technologies, this product and the other stuff of the World Wide Heb are being updated very frequently. If you don't keep updated, you may find yourself in a situation that your Hebrew support is compatible with a version of Netscape that is not available anymore... In order to prevent this danger and many other dangers, it is highly recommended to subscribe to a free mailing list, managed by El-Mar Software Ltd.

The subscription is done by simply sending an e-mail message to:

There is not any special syntax for this message; just ask us to add you to the mailing list. Please attach your details (name, company, URL, etc.), and if your e-mail address is different than the address mentioned on the header of your message, please specify the exact one. Unsubscription is done by using the same address. For more details:

Expiration and Licensing

This version will expire on June 5, 1998. A new version with a later expiration date, should be put at the same sites that this version was installed at. Anyway, if you want a permanent license for this software, read the price list, or contact Eli Marmor of El-Mar Software Ltd., at:


Thank you for choosing this software. We hope you will enjoy it!

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